Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Habit Breeds Hope

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit." ~Aristotle 

I like this quote,... Although a friend said to me "doesn't doing the same thing over and over again without results the definition of insanity?" I had to stop and consider this…

The key here is “results” … and everyone’s definition of “results” will be different. I suppose if the only result I was hoping to witness were the numbers on the scale moving downward then you could consider me insane; at least during the first four weeks of my journey. However, I was looking for much more than just a number on a bathroom scale. I wanted to see improvements in sleep and energy level, as well as loss of inches… and guess what? I did see those results in the first and second week of my journey. Since then I have also noticed my hair does not fall out as much, it even appears to be growing faster, not to mention (and this is going to sound strange) but I “feel” slimmer.

Around week 5 I finally did see a dip in the bathroom scale number (-6lbs) and although it felt good to see it move I knew it was not the end of the world if it didn't  I am weaning myself off of the scale… as I know it really is not a good indicator of the changes I will see, but for now I still use it occasionally.

In closing I am not in the “act” of dieting… I am creating a lifestyle change... a “habit” of good nutrition and effective exercise, which will lead me to “excellence” in health. 
Also... I am a bit crazy, but not insane ;)

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